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OSM on Garmin on Colorado

If you want to download our Garmin maps of the UK, then there are 4 options…

  • If you want to use your Garmin GPS for a whole variety of puposes, including routing (although the routing data is still a little experimental), and you have around 300MB free, then we recommend the new UK Garmin OSM Map with Routing.
  • If you mainly use your Garmin GPS for geocaching, walking, or driving, we recommend our standard UK Garmin OSM Map.
  • If you mainly use your Garmin GPS for cycling, we recommend our UK Garmin OSM Cycle Map, which highlights all OSM known cycle routes.
  • If you mainly use your Garmin GPS on the canals and rivers, we recommend our UK Garmin OSM Canal Map, which highlights all OSM known canals, rivers, and useful Points of Interest along them.

Information on dates of last update:

UK Garmin OSM Map – 11th July 2010

UK Garmin OSM Map with Routing – 11th July 2010

UK Garmin OSM Cycle Map – 23rd April 2009

UK Garmin OSM Canal Map – 23rd April 2009

Updates for Cycle and Canal Maps will hopefully be released soon, please check back regularly, or follow us on Twitter to be kept upto date.

You can download the files using the links above.

To use these files:

  1. We recommend you to take a full backup of your GPS before you start.
  2. Please note you can only have one supplemental map file called on a memory card, and this procedure will overwrite any existing maps stored there.
  3. You’ll need to download your preferred map, and unzip it to create a file called gmapsupp.img
  4. You need to copy this file to your memory card (we do not recommend putting this file on the internal memory of your GPS *), either by connecting your GPS to your computer, or via a memory card reader (this is likely to be faster).  The file must be located in a directory called Garmin.
  5. Cleanly disconnect from your PC, and power on your GPS.
  6. Depending on your GPS unit, you may need to go into the map settings and select to turn on the new map.
  7. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, or problems, please head to our forums and ask.

33 thoughts on “Garmin Maps Download

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  3. “You may need to go into the map settings and select to turn on the new map” easier said than done. I don’t know how to do this with my Garmin Nuvi. Any ideas?

  4. Likewise, I have installed to memory card inside the device, but i caannot see how to activate? Unmless it has done it automatically!!
    Any help?!??

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  6. Martin and Tom; it’s best to ask questions in the forums, which are monitored on a regular basis by ourselves and other Garmin users. However, I would suspect it’s something like Settings (Spanner), Display, Maps to find the list of maps which is likely to have a checkbox option next to each map.

  7. @Tom & Martin Bailey:

    On my Garmin Etrex Legend, I do the following:

    * Go to the menu page (the one with lots of icons)
    * Click on Setup
    * Click on Map
    * Use left/right to move to the “i” icon, then up/down to select the “OSM” map. Make sure it is ticked

  8. Why do you recommend not to put on the internal memory of the GPS device? My 705 has a lot of spare memory on it. Thanks for the great work by the way.

  9. Hi, Downloaded UK OSM map onto SD card and can see street maps (eg London etc) on my Nuvi 265. But no street names show up. Some icons such as bus stops, pubs etc show. The zip file was about 39Mb and unzipped to 48.2Mb. What have I done wrong ? Any help would be appreciated

  10. Tom & Martin Bailey:

    Go to

    Here you will find free software that will allow you to transfer non-Garmin maps in to a Garmin Etrex or similar.

    Garmin’s Mapsource software seems to be able to detect non-Garmin maps and it tells you they are invalid. Img2gps works effortlessly.

  11. Two reasons; 1 other maps are more likely to already be installed in the internal memory, so it would overwrite those maps, and we would get the blame!
    2 if the maps aren’t fully compatible with the device and cause it to lockup on bootup, the card can be easily removed to bring the device back; over the years we’ve seen and suffered a few problems that cause us to be cautious. However, if you’re happy with the risk, feel free to put them in internal memory, but if it fails to bootup, be aware it’s often a return to Garmin to fix.

  12. I used the canal maps whilst on the BCN Maratahon Challenge last weekend. At one or two points we went off the mapped canals. This means I now have some GPS tracks which could could add to the map. Do you want these? How can I contribute them?

  13. Tom and Martin
    I had the same trouble, I had installed a map on the SD card but could not see it. The map file apparently has to be renamed exactly as gmapsupp.img for it to work, i.e. 12345gmapsupp.img will not work, gmapsupp.img OK

  14. I recently downloaded the UK Garmin OSM map and am now using it on my eTrex GPS unit. It works fine except when I try to use the navigation utility. When I select the end point and click on the Go To button, instead of showing me the route, I get the following error message, “Route Calculation Error. No roads near starting point”. With other maps I have no trouble using this utility. Any ideas of a possible fix?

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  16. I have the same problem as Bish in that I only see single lines for roads and no street names. I have an Oregon 200. How do I get street names?

  17. this is rubbish, all it provides is stuff like pub locations and other ammenities, seems to just overlay the locations on to the exisiting internal garmin map and shows no extra detail off road. I was hoping for proper OS type maps. anyone know where I can get these for free?

  18. Unfortunately OS Map data isn’t freely available. Mapomatic Garmin map files use data from the OpenStreetMap project where individuals map areas using GPS’s.
    Most efforts are being focused on getting road data into OpenStreetMap, as this work is completed more off road areas will hopefully be mapped.

  19. Hi:

    I bought a Garmin Edge 605 at great expense (£280) thinking that I would easily be able to follow routes on my bike. For example, just like you do with a Tom Tom in a car. I think I can do that. Put in a place and it will work out a route. However, I also thought that I would be able to create routes to follow of my own creation, put them in somehow and then use them for a bike ride. Not as easy as I thought. I bought the Edge 605 that has the maps on an SD card, but apparently you can’t do much with them, such as create maps on a computer and then load them in to the Edge. Somehow you need the CD and even though I’ve spent a lot of money on this thing and thought I was also buying maps that I could use and manipulate, it will cost me more to get the CD

    So, I’ve been hunting around on the internet to see what is available and see places like this site which says there are downloadable maps for cycle routes, canals etc. Sounds great. I’d really like the Sustrans cycle network downloaded, but not sure if Sustrans have that available.

    But I’m not that savvy in all this downloading and uploading stuff. So could someone take me through step by step what I need to do from downloading maps on to my computer, to uploading them on to a card, then in to the 605, and then finding and using them on the 605 – please ?! Lot to ask, I know, but I’m really struggling with all this !

    I use Macs – OS 10.6 and the Edge is a 605.



  20. The OSM cycle map is potentially very useful but, unfortunately, is unusable on my Garmin Nuvi 250. Everything works perfectly with one exception: all the lettering (eg, street names) on the map is replaced, on a letter-by-letter basis, with question marks (each one on a small black diamond-shaped background)! It looks, therefore, as there must be some incompatibility between the textual labels the Nuvi expects and those that your software generates. (I have not encountered this problem with any of the other OSM-derived .img files I have downloaded from other outfits)

    Three minor points:
    - I would prefer to see the cycle routes displayed in a distinctive colour (eg, blue or red) rather than grey.

    - I think your interpretation of what counts as a cycle route is fairly liberal! There are several routes indicated in my neck of the woods (Kent) that are barely passable on foot, and are certainly not recognised (yet!) as cycle routes.

    - I am posting here rather than via your user forums since I don’t want the hassle of having to “register” and remember yet another password for what is likely to be a one-off communication. Do you really need to password-protect your forums?

    I look forward to having

  21. I’m thinking of buying a Garmin 300. Do you know if this would work well with the mapping software available above to download? Or can you recommend a better model? We are interested in maps for the UK for walking and boating on the canals and rivers. Thanks.


  22. Hi i have installed the map to an etrex vista hcx, works fine until you try to turn the until off. At this point it freezes and emits a buzzing noise until you remove the batteries. I have tried several sd cards and several open source maps. I have seen on several forums that this is an anti piracy feature of the latest garmin firmware to prevent the use of non Garmin maps. Do you have any suggestions for getting around this?

  23. Dear Bob, yes it’s rubbish that Ordnance Survey expect to be paid for their map data, maybe write to your MP and see if he can get this situation changed? -don’t worry you don’t have to buy a stamp, you can email (you might want to also mention the inconvenience of paying for stamps while you’re at it). Hope this helps & let me know how you get on. Cheers, Ian (in the pub by the way).

  24. Great maps that I use on my plug in SD card on my edge 705. For a free resource these are fantastic tools. In using the canal map I have come across a couple of omissions of paths. How would I update these to you?

  25. the most fantastic tool coming from SA. Have a NUVI 360 EUROPE and wonder wether or not my maps are up to date?

  26. I have a Garmin Oregon 200. Followed instructions and worked with no problems. Street names came up on UK OSM. Interesting you can only have one UK map hence if you are switching I guess you need to store maps on a PC and overwrite the SD card each time with favoured map. Or keep several SD cards. Better still, keep a few on one SD card with different names then change the name of the map you want to use to ukmapsupp.img when needed. I don’t know if you can change names just on the Garmin device so I did it through windows when linking the pc.

  27. Brilliant worked pefectly on my Garmin eTrex Legend HCx once I found out how to set the GPS to be a mass storage device. Menu>Setup>interface>mass storage Cheers

  28. Work fine on a Garmin 300, and are INFINITELY better than the stock maps supplied with it. Thanks for all the hard work in supplying them. Does anybody know of anything similar for Cyprus?

  29. Hi,
    I am about to purchase a Garmin Oregon 400T. Will your maps work with this model?

  30. Yes, the maps work fine on the Garmin Oregon, although you may need to place the maps on a microSD card (that’s what we recommend)

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